Thursday, February 28, 2008


It's all in the details. . . .

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wait a Minute...We Still Have a Blog?

I guess we do, and apparently it is my turn to say something of value to all of you 2' x 4' fans out there who have been demanding an update. So let's grind up some cabbage and get this salad underway.

Friday's coming up and there is a standing challenge to anyone who reads this to break my current record of eating 7 McDonald's Filet-o'-Fish in under 2 hours. As far as I know there are no long-term negative health risks/benefits to doing this. You will consume approximately 2,660 calories and should be good on Vitamin A for a bit. You may also suffer from a slight fish hangover. If you are suffering from an alcohol hangover, the effects of the fish may cause this problem to linger. Throwing up the next day does not help. Unless by help you mean make yourself sweat profusely and want another blanket. In that case, it does help.

If you should order more than 35 fish sandwiches, make certain that your order is correct. I got fucked over on the double fish. They slipped some land-fish (cow) meat in there instead. No one wants that shit. Good Luck.