Monday, February 09, 2015

We don't need no stinkin' badgers!

It's been several years since I learned of The Adventures of Poke and Furry. At first, my trips to Walden and Borders bookstores were daily.  Every trip rimmed with expectation, but ultimately chugged down with a mess of disappointment. Eventually I slipped to weekly bookstore visits, then monthly, and then in recent years I had basically forgotten about it.

But this morning on the bus, a nice homeless man whispered something very vulgar in my ear that reminded me of this book.  I yanked on the stop cord with such urgency that the driver let me off between stops. Then I walked up to where the bus I'd just exited had been headed, caught the next bus, and went straight to Walden Books. Little did I know they went bankrupt. So I went to Borders.  That is now occupied by a place that sells tiny sweaters and sombreros to hipsters with three legged ferrets. F that place.  I finally located a Barnes and Noble.  Literally dripping with anticipatory sweat, I burst through the doors and begged for some poke and furry.

Sadly, I was only offered another sloppy goblet of disappointment to chug down.

I understand the play that this blog was formed to promote may never happen, but don't deprive lonely people everywhere of their poke and furry.