Tuesday, October 13, 2009


"Quit looking at my flower. I'll come and poke your eyes with my cane.
"This chair hurts my back. My no good son won't get me that nice, soft glider from Slumberland. He's just like his lazy father.
"My feet hurt and my hands hurt and I hate this yellow jumpsuit they make me wear.
"And it's lime Jell-o day today and I hate lime Jell-o.
"I'm thirsty...and cold and my head is sore because my pillow is too hard.
"They let robots in here at night to steal my pills and I've had it. I'm going to run away and I'm going to take this flower with me. And I'll hide my chair so they can't sit in it.
"I hate blue and I want this window shut but it's stuck. It's those robots...they stick these windows open and poison our birds with old pills. I miss Flappy--he used to come and sit in the windowsill and sing to me. One time he started singing and my soup fell into my lap and I had to get another yellow suit from the front desk and when I came back Chirpy was sitting in my chair.
"I have crumbs stuck in my wrinkles and I think there are ants in there trying to eat the crumbs, and the crumbs hurt and so do the ants.
"The bag boy at the food store is a little na'er-do-well. I think some of his long hair fell into my sack of bananas. I have to have my bananas mushed up and mixed with water because they are too sharp and spicy. My gums started bleeding once and the dentist wouldn't see me because I don't have any teeth."