Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Alan Fine LOVES white men

So, I updated my profile today to keep pace with Slappy Internet. Not wanting to steal his ideas or whatnot, I did mine before reading his. All I can say is, compared to mine, his is quite incomplete. I mean, really. As that famous country band once sang, "If you're gonna play on the intenet, you gotta have a fiddle in the band" But I think they would be in favor of a more in depth profile for the founder of what promises to be one of the internets most ________ blogs.

I'll come back and fill in that hole later. (Is that a great porn line or what?)


Slappy Internet said...

I don't think you should ever fill it in. Then I can always wonder did he mean, reverse thonging, privates twisting, or Abe Lincolning? We'll never know and it'll just be one of those things people talk about until one day they realize they never really got to experience true happiness. Then maybe some more boring shit, or whatever the hell someone does after realizing that they just read this entire comment. Have fun clicking away from this Shit-face! I got you!

your mom is alan fine said...

The moment I finished reading the above comment was the moment my life ended.
Then I read the original post again and was tempted to fill in the blank with my own witty witticism which I couldn't do since I was already dead.

Slappy Internet said...

Hey Jimmy! I updated my profile so go give yourself a hand slipping out of that vagina suit.