Monday, September 18, 2006

Gripping the One-Piece of Destiny

While talking about the Lewis & Clark journals with a friend, we hit upon a concept that I'd like to develop a little further here. I propose a cartoon that features a coon-skinned cap and a walking stick that belonged to Lewis and or Clark. And did I mention that they can talk? Well they can. They'd get passed around from one famous early American to another, and they'd tell the stories of all kinds of famous events from their own perspectives...

Like flying a kite with Benjamin Franklin, crossing the Delaware with General Washington, or even watching Betsy Ross masturbate with a wooden fist. They would have the I.Q. of about an 8-year-old, and be inquisitive as hell. They'd be narrating shit and waiting to get passed along at the end of each episode. Kind of like Quantum Leap, but the cap and stick are not quite as big of pussies as that Star Trek guy. Also for some reason, they'd like women.

The show could be called The Adventures of Furry and Poke. And I could sell the episodes to Church groups who have a lot of home-schooled kids.

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Zebbysdaddy said...

I like pipes, but not on guys.