Friday, September 22, 2006

How funny, my e-mail address is

So, like this site has been running really poorly on my computer lately, and, combined with my above-par apathy, I just haven't done my best to keep up. But then you have a night like I had last night, and it becomes crystal clear in your head that this is what blogs are for. The night I had last night would keep most mortal bloggers in material for weeks, but I will try to limit myself to this one entry, and perhaps I will do some follow-up in the comments section.

The night started out as ordinary as any night. I had a work function I had to go to, and so begrudgingly, I did that. Nothing terribly exciting about the event. Lots of people there. There was a keg of beer, but it was Summitt, and I HATE Summitt, so I was not overly enthused. I talked to some people about some stuff. Then, later on in the night, I went home and went to bed.

Can you believe I managed to fit all of that stuff into one action packed night? That's more social activity than most bloggers fit into an entire month.

Suck it you boring bloggers.

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Slappy Internet said...

You prick. Summit is a great beer. Have you ever tried injesting it anally? I haven't but it seems like something you'd be into.